The last century’s workers can rightfully envy today’s specialists: they have a vast selection of vacancies, many of which are available to work from home.

Moreover, every year there are new offers where you only need a laptop and stable Internet. And the desire to work and earn, of course. Remote jobs have become especially popular in 2019 when the world faces the COVID-10 pandemic.

Working from a home office has become a normal practice in any country. Thus, about half of professionals in the US work from home in one way or another (according to a survey from Upwork).

Web or Software Developer

The development and creation of websites or applications promise such a specialist two advantages at once: high income and prestige. Many programmers and developers work that way: from home. This is especially popular with outsourcing companies or firms.

How Much Do They Earn?

After all, this is one of the highest-paid remote jobs. Such specialists can earn about $90,000 annually on average (if software developers) or $70,000 (if web developers), and the higher the experience, the more you earn.


International cooperation provides many advantages for the mutual exchange of experience and knowledge, but the language barrier also has one nuance. In these cases, translators help.

They facilitate communication, adapt documentation, or accompany you in conversation (simultaneous interpreter). The interpreter can work as a freelancer or be part of the company as a remote employee. There are also sign language interpreters to help.

How Much Do They Earn?

Your income depends on your work language, experience, and professional activity (oral interpreter or texts translator). This job will allow you to earn $51,830 annually.   


Together with remote work, the world started to develop actively such things as online study. Now students can listen to the lessons, pass the exams and check their homework from home. Also, you can learn a new skill, boost your knowledge or prepare for admission, for instance.

How Much Do They Earn?

As well as with other remote jobs, a teacher can earn money through freelancing or as a full-time employee at a school. Also, your income depends on your qualification and category.

For example, elementary or high school teachers can earn about $60,000, while university teachers can earn even about $80,000.


Like it or not, the content drives everything: buyers’ desires, the income of online store owners, and the popularity and influence of the media.

This is why bloggers, journalists, and tech writers are so popular. These are very competent specialists with good erudition and a sense of style.

It is believed that the demand for such specialists will fall slightly over time by 2029, but this will not prevent such workers from working from home and receiving good fees.

How Much Do They Earn?

Such specialists earn an average of $60,000 per year, depending on the popularity and level of the writer.

Graphic Designer

The top in-demand specialists also include graphic designers. Customers turn to such workers for logos, brochures, advertising, and layouts. And such a request is always in demand. Designers find clients on special sites and Reputable companies are also often interested in good such specialists.

How Much Do They Earn?

With good experience, a portfolio, and a pool of clients, a graphic designer can earn around $50,000.

Remote work can be not only comfortable but also profitable. And in addition to these five professions, the labor market offers many more options.